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Et Ecological Chain News

Notice ETA is officially launched, and the ETtoken APP will be available for download and registration today....


It is the first public blockchain project in the world to focus on the convenience and expansion of blockchain business applications. It is the base of the application program based on the blockchain network, and is committed to providing a powerful and simple blockchain operating system for all industries.

Support hundreds of millions of users

When the blockchain needs to support the application of various industries, it is necessary to consider the support of hundreds of millions of users active online at one time. So it is vital that a platform that can handle a large number of online users. If its unable to handle an excessive amount of users, the platform is useless. ET Chain is here to handle this issue and create a high performance platform for each and everyone to use at the same time.

Free use

The infrastructure of the blockchain should be free for all users to help blockchain technology provide more extensive applications, developers and enterprises understand and make use of blockchain technology in real life situations.

The Scalability of Applications, with the Stability of a Secure Platform

The blockchain platform should be able to provide the user with the flexibility of new features, so that the enterprise can add new functions to fit its own needs, making applications more personalised and adaptable. At the same time the software needs to be robust, meaning it can be immediately repaired when problems arise.

No Delay

At ET Chain, the users experience is the most important, and the user should wait no longer than 3 seconds for a transaction, so it is very important for the user to receive a reliable response in a short time.Long waiting times will hinder the user and will make the application built on the blockchain less competitive than the existing non blockchain applications.

Seamless Concurrent Transactions

Large scalable applications need to be allocated to multiple CPU’s and computers. For example, transactions that take place on the blockchain will have a large amount of transactional information. This information needs to be allocated to more CPU and computers to improve efficiency but this will take up a lot of storage space. ET Chain will solve this problem using DPOS making it more efficient and faster for its users.

High security

By using DPOS, which is the only decentralised consensus that can meet the efficiency requirements of blockchain standardisation. At ET Chain we use DPOS to solve the centralisation problems by using the Witness Mechanism, meaning a more secure and stable platform for each and every user.


Core Team Introduction

Daniel Lee

CEO of ET Chain

Bramo Block capital Co-Founder Co-founder & General Partner of Bramo Block Capital Fintech engineer Master of computer of NUS Data research fellow of "Time and Space lab" of UCL Research fellow of European Blockchain Partnership

Joseph Mekuria


DAPP developer, early participant in the blockchain. EOS Dapp: The development of Everpedia, Uchain, Tokenpocket. Ethiopia's highest institution: Master of Electronic Information Engineering, University of Addis Ababa



Singapore 189721-, 152 Mei Zhi Road, east gate of New Gate Plaza, 14-02
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