Kraken to open in-app Futures Trading

Kraken has announced the release of its new app that allows Futures trading, with up to 50% leverage. Kraken therefore continues its development and aims at tackling the juicy futures and derivatives market previously dominated by BitMex.

While not the largest exchange out there, being fully regulated and long operating (in crypto terms) in Europe, Kraken is a solid player. Along with the release of a referral system, Kraken is making bold moves not to be let behind by its competitors, especially as Binance is blitz-scaling.

New trading interface

With the release of WebSocket access, trading is not confined to apps anymore. This allows institutional and private players to start trading with their own software or interface in a seamless fashion. WebSocket was previously used internally by the apps and webapp, but external players only accessed trading through an HTTP API.

We can expect that this bold move will be followed by a plethora of new trading tools and bots, who will make more volume on Kraken.

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