German Bavaria government to issue blockchain certificates

Munich, Germany, known for its beer and Oktober Fest. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced a new blockchain training certificate.

According to a statement earlier this week, in partnership with the Digital Affairs, the certificate will be issued itself on a blockchain to allow companies to easily verify it. Digital Minister Judith Gerlach said:

“We’re not just talking about the blockchain. We dare to jump into the application. Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we now take forgery-proof certificates. This offers a huge advantage for both applicants and companies. The authenticity of certificates can be checked in just a few clicks. This is a kind of digital quality seal – Blockchain, Made in Bavaria ‘instead of certification. The verified credentials mean less cost and effort to everyone involved. At the same time we are hurdling obstacles to digital application processes and increasing the credibility of the submitted documents. “

Dr. Eberhard Sasse emphasized that:

dr. Eberhard Sasse: “With the first Blockchain application for certificates in cooperation with the Bavarian State Government, we are setting a breach for this new technology and for more efficiency. The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria issues more than 30,000 certificates per year. Every day we receive requests to confirm the authenticity of these documents. The effort is enormous, both for the IHK and the requesting companies. As a first step, our goal is to showcase around 15,000 annual certifications of our IHK final exams in Vocational Education from spring 2020 using blockchain technology. “

While it is not yet possible to check the certificates authenticity on the blockchain yet, it should be available by Spring 2020. Advantages include transparency, but also lower costs and credibility.

The goal is to allow SME to use quickly and efficiently blockchain and find talents ready to help them. The blockchain used for issuing those certificates hasn’t yet been mentioned.

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