Guess Post

In order to foster crypto world development and news accuracy, EtBlock is happy to accept guest posts. Contributors can submit an email at and we will review and publish the post within a few hours.

A few rules to guest blogging:

  • Articles must be unique and not a copy-paste of other website, which would hurt us and our pagerank.
  • Articles must not be obvious advertisement. While some links back to your project or website is obviously accepted, being a reason people guest post in the first place, we don’t accept pure advertising, but require the post to be helpful to readers. Example of accepted post would be comparing different Ethereum dApps and mentioning yours among 4-5 others.
  • If the post is pure advertisement, we will either reject it or require a minimal fee to be paid for publishing.
  • EtBlock still reserves the right to reject an article.

In your email at, please include

  • Title of the article
  • Cover picture (we reserve the right to modify it in case of copyright issues)
  • Article content